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Medicare Patients


We will bill Medicare for you for your office visits.  We are Medicare “participating” physicians and our charges are generally what Medicare allows. We request that you pay for your visits if your Medicare deductible has not been met.  When Medicare sends payment to us, sometimes the secondary insurance is billed automatically. If not, you may receive a bill for the part that Medicare does not cover. You will receive a notification of the payment from Medicare, called an EOMB (Explanation Of Medicare Benefits).
Feel free to discuss with us any dispute/inaccuracy you may have regarding charges or services; we will do our best to respond to your concerns. We have a well-trained staff to help you with any insurance or billing problems.


If you have Medicare AND MediCal, please remember that we are NOT a provider for MediCal. You will be responsible for the remainder of your bill after Medicare sends in their payment. If you are unable to pay the remaining amount, we recommend that you consult a MediCal participating provider for your maximum amount of coverage. We are unable to simply “write-off” any remaining balances for Medicare/MediCal patients.

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