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Prescriptions and Refills


Prescriptions and refills are issued during office hours. During the evening and on weekends, it is difficult for the physician to determine if a medication is indicated, when they don’t have your medical records with them.  It is against California State law to issue a prescription (or refill) to a patient who has not been seen in the past year.  Therefore, it may be necessary for the physician to see you prior to the issuance of any prescription or medication refill.


We request that you have pharmacy information (name, city, phone number) on hand before contacting our office. If requesting a Rx refill, please have your pharmacy call during business hours.


Please note: some types of medications, such as narcotics, are strictly regulated and the doctors will not prescribe the medications unless they have your medical records in front of them to reference. Furthermore, certain narcotics must be dispensed in person and not over the phone.

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